(Okay, I admit it, I liked the movie "WarGames"! :-D )

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Hello, my name is Nomad of Norad (David C Hall), and this is my website. (Duh! :-)
I live in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy, Timeline...
Ooops, sorry, got carried away there! :-)

I can be emailed at nomad "at" joshua-wopr.com
Be advised that I don't want any spam in my mailbox!
(Dern Vikings!)

And here is my WebBBS
(online forum)
running on PHPBB

Click here for a collection of old round-robin stories from the Jacksonville BBSs.

Click here for an original short-short science-fiction story I wrote that is spun off from those stories.

And, of course, there is a place on the above WebBBS to write new round-robin stories.
Click here for a hyperlink list of other people's RoundRobin story pages.
And here is the webring that I am on:

I have created a mailing list for all the former Jax BBSers to get reacquanted with each other.
It is called Jax-BBSers.

Click to subscribe to Jax-BBSers

A netquantance of mine set up a mailing list with a similar purpose, to bring together people formerly on various BBSs in Dallas, Texas.
Now he's widened his invitation to include anyone interested in creative writing and outright zanyness.
It is called The Unknown BBS mailing-list.

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